Games We Regret Buying

The overall quality in video games continues to grow. 2011 seems as if it truly will be the best year for gamers. Pockets will be emptied over the next few months. Guaranteed.You’ve already been spending money like crazy on games. We know it, especially if you’re like us. There had to have been bumps in the road along the way though. The editors of Play Legit have gotten together to bring you the games we regret buying. This list Starts with Current Gen games, and goes all the back to the Super Nintendo. Mistakes were made, evil companies were paid. Continue reading “Games We Regret Buying”

5 Games That Must Kinect

Real Talk By: KJ

Lets be real, The Kinect was clearly rushed to shelves to take advantage of the holidays. With two Wii remotes available on the market now, not using the Kinect for better titles is a pure letdown. As it stands, the roster of games are downright embarrassing. Outside of Kinect Sports and maybe Dance Continue reading “5 Games That Must Kinect”

Kinect Review

Real Talk By: Kimulus

So it is finally here, the Kinect for Xbox 360.  The ultimate update to the Xbox… and I would have to say I agree.  It has been little over a week now and man I have been playing with Kinect everyday and I am very satisfied with the Kinect right now.  The thing that Continue reading “Kinect Review”

Play Legit Podcast 3/25/10 – Is Microsoft is stealing your money? (Game Room discussion)

Real Talk By: KJ and Vex

Welcome the début of the PL podcast. For our first order of business we will discuss the legalized robbery Microsoft, and Infinity Ward and Activision have got away with. Also on the podcast we will discuss the current state of the YouTube show and address the haters that stopped the M.A.G. Review Episode from being aired to the Masses.