Play Legit’s Best Sports Game of 2018

Mario Tennis Aces became a serious threat after a few updates, WWE 2K19 took a significant leap in quality. The year as a whole provided sports fans with variety.  Continue reading “Play Legit’s Best Sports Game of 2018”

Taking NBA 2K12 To The Next Level

Real Talk By: KJ

While MJ’s Chicago Bulls Run is his most memorable, Jordan actually still was breaking records in his late 30’s. I really hate when people downplay his run as a wizard. The man was in his 40’s, and was still better than most in the league. If he had a quality star playing with him, I firmly believe they really good have made a solid playoff run. (more…)

NBA 2K11 Video Review

After last years title, it’s evident that NBA 2k has started to show a little wear and tear. Now with 2k11 releasing, can the Greatest ball player of all time bring the series back to championship status. Find out as TLR steps on the court with Mr. 23 himself. (more…)