‘Old Bits’ Episode 2: Genesis Does

“You can’t do that on Nintendo!”

Introducing: “Old Bits” Hosted By Hec G and Cmack The Don. A group of friends will check out Retro Game Commercials, Trailers, TV shows. All the magic of yesteryear rolled into one. We’re taking clip suggestions for future bits, and hope you enjoy. Continue reading “‘Old Bits’ Episode 2: Genesis Does”

10 Failed Comebacks In Gaming


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback and KJ

It’s always great seeing a series come back after a long layover. Killer Instinct comes to mind. Crash Bandicoot, where you at? The latest round of Lara Croft titles are top flight. Batman video games are good now. Still blown away by that fact. Plenty of positive revivals have happened as of late. Continue reading “10 Failed Comebacks In Gaming”