Tales from the Kiosk: A Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Preview

Real Talk By: KJ

A great friend of mine tipped me off that Best Buy had Marvel vs Capcom 3 early. After work, I raced there. Well they had the full game to play in the stores Kiosk, but that was it. I still have to wait until February 15th to take it home. I was able to play for an hour straight without any interruptions. Continue reading “Tales from the Kiosk: A Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Preview”

7 Capcom Characters That MvC3 Needs

Real Talk By: KJ

7 Capcom Characters that MvC3 Needs on Deck

Superhero/Comic Book expert Cmack, did an article several months back that still generates weekly views. He listed 7 characters that need to be in Mvc3. Now we are doing it again, but from the Capcom side of things. Remember, when PL put these lists together, Continue reading “7 Capcom Characters That MvC3 Needs”