Play Legit Podcast: Marvel’s Luke Cage Season One Review

Our Newest Member: Koerri Elijah, hosts this special edition of the Play Legit Podcast. We’re Talking about The Netflix hit, and latest from Marvel Studios in “Luke Cage”. Knowledge and KJ are a part of this discussion. We talk about the series as a whole, as momentum builds towards The Defenders. Continue reading “Play Legit Podcast: Marvel’s Luke Cage Season One Review”

Monthly High Scores I November 2013


Real Talk By: KJ

The Play Legit Fam had a lot of turkey, and stuffing. Lots of stuffing. We enjoyed this month, but maybe thanksgiving a little more. Were not only ranking the best Game, and Trailer,  but other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade cabinet. Playstation 4 and Xbox One hit the streets. Family Guy lost one of its stars. Mario returned, with a new 4 player adventure. What other events rocked our culture in the month of November?

PS4 & Xbox One Released – 600000 PTS


The biggest launches in our industry both happened this month. The Playstation 4 and The Xbox One. It was a bumpy road for the XO. Promoting it’s ability to plug into Cable devices neglecting what brought them to the dance in the first place. Early DRM regulations infuriated customers, thus effecting system pre-order sales. They wised up eventually, at E3 they would focus all-most entirely on games, and eventually backed off those digital rights restrictions. Sony did the opposite and kept it real at E3. They had no Policy in place, making it known that games would still be played in a traditional manner. Both consoles are now on that same wavelength. Overall software-wise, this is one of the more solid launches. Third party developers really stepped it up. Games like NBA 2K14, Dead Rising 3, Resogun, and Battlefield 4 are just a few reasons it’s safe to make a next-gen investment.

Mario 3D World Game of the Month – 500000 PTS


Ms. Throwback’s review is in progress, but we have played enough. The worldwide reception from critics and fans alike has been ultimately positive. New suits and four player coop for the first time in a 3D world. I played through 3 worlds of the game with a buddy. It was hard to put it down. 3D world shines in High Definition. The colors are rich, and the gameplay is beyond smooth. Nintendo keeps introducing new elements to keep the aging plumber fresh. We’ll have our take on this Wii U exclusive very shortly.

Thor: The Dark World – 400000 PTS


Thor 2 owned the box office for several weeks. We were glad to see another marvel movie land outside of the summer months. Mo’ Marvel Mo’ Awesome. The road to Avengers 2 continues in style. We were able to see more of Asgard, and magic. The first movie had our hero without his abilities for far too long. It was great to see him back with Mjolnir. On top of that The Dark World had some great comedy. Jane’s ringtone is all i have to say.

Family Guy Tragedy – 300000 PTS


Spoiler alert (kind of). A major character was killed-off in this cartoon series. The responses from fans have been pretty negative. Family Guy’s writers are hopefully capitalizing on this event in a good way. It’s easy to drop the ball after this big move “Where do we go from here?” . What are your thoughts about this shocking move, made by Seth MacFarlane and crew? Will they regret this decision? The show is so random anyways, they could just bring the character back. Time travel or something.

Netflix gets Original Marvel Programing – 200000 PTS


Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. Great comic book characters, all of whom are getting individual TV shows. We couldn’t be more thrilled, Marvel Knights are getting more recognition. Every single one of these series’ will be featured exclusively on Netflix. It’s unknown who will fill the roles as off this writing, but we trust they will do the right thing. Still waiting for a Black Panther movie. The world is ready Disney!

Trailer of the Month: Heavenly Sword Movie Trailer-100000 PTS


Just another step in the right direction. Hollywood remaking movies here, rebooting classic films there. Its getting old. They continue to look the other direction when it comes to video games. Finally we get a bit of good news. Nariko returns in Heavenly Sword based directly from the PS3 launch title. We hope this is a continuing trend. There are Plenty of great moments that need to be captured on the big screen, so that everyone can enjoy.

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