Summer Of Arcade 2010 Review

Real Talk By: KJ and Vex

With the Summer of Arcade ending, KJ and Vex got their brains moving to discuss this years lineup. With the every game costing 15 bucks, buying all for most would be deadly. If you purchase all 5 of this year’s games, you get a Continue reading “Summer Of Arcade 2010 Review”

Music You Can LIMBO To

This article is a “what if” article. Although Limbo has no musical soundtrack at all, the game utilizes it’s sound effects in superior fashion to keep the tempo going. With this in mind, the editors of Play Legit got together and asked “what if” it did? What would we hear? How would it sound? Here are some songs we felt would go great with the games steady/eerie pacing. Continue reading “Music You Can LIMBO To”

LIMBO Review

Real Talk By: D.

One of the most anticipated Xbox Live Arcade games of the year has arrived. LIMBO is a puzzle-platformer by indie development studio Playdead. Filled with striking black-and-white visuals, is LIMBO a game that relies on cheap gimmicks, or is it this year’s Braid? Continue reading “LIMBO Review”

New Releases: Week of July 18th, 2010

Yeah, so… not much coming out this week. On the bright side, this week brings us the release of Limbo, an eerie puzzler for Xbox Live Arcade. Limbo is already receiving rave reviews. Many are even saying that this is not only the best Xbox Live Arcade game this year, but one of the best games of the year overall. Limbo features a unique black and white visual style and mind bending puzzles and releases this Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade.

For a (short) list of this week’s other releases, check after the break. Continue reading “New Releases: Week of July 18th, 2010”