Lego Jurassic World: First Look

Well, here it is Fam. The trailer for the new Lego game has arrived and we are ready! Continue reading Lego Jurassic World: First Look


My Top 10 Favorite Pictures From Colossalcon 2014!

By J. Valdez

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to go to Colossalcon, I had a lot of fun, a lot of drinks, and took a lot of pictures. Before I uploaded the gallery of all those pictures Gallery has been uploaded! I wanted to go through and choose a few that really stood out to me. There were many great cosplays, some which I sadly did not get a pictures of, so these 10 are just from the pictures I took, the ones that I really liked for one reason or another.

Starting off in no particular order, other than me wanting to countdown, Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Pictures From Colossalcon 2014!

Top 5: Lego Game Ideas

largeReal Talk By: Knowledge

Top 5 Lego Game Ideas (In no particular order) That Traveler’s Tales should adapt into Video Game format. With the recent announcement of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, what other franchises should receive the same treatment? Continue reading Top 5: Lego Game Ideas

LEGO Lord of The Rings Review

timthumb.phpReal Talk By: KJ

Traveler’s Tales is on a roll with its Lego games. We’ve seen Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of The Caribbean, and even Batman get “blockified”. Continue reading LEGO Lord of The Rings Review

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Lego games have always been popular. When beginning Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes you think to yourself, “with such a long running series of games, can they do it again?” Continue reading Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

LEGO City: Undercover Preview

LEGO, with a little GTA on the side. Continue reading LEGO City: Undercover Preview