Hyrule Warriors Review: Honoring Two Franchises (Wii U)


Real Talk By: KJ

Koei x Nintendo, Dynasty Warriors x The Legend of Zelda.  Its one big team-up. Would this roster satisfy long-time Warriors fans? Could Link’s world be faithfully represented from an outside developer? Continue reading “Hyrule Warriors Review: Honoring Two Franchises (Wii U)”

Dynasty Warriors 7 Review (PS3, Xbox 360)

Real Talk By: KJ

Every single year you can expect two things. A new Madden, and a Dynasty warriors game. Neither have seen significant changes recently, but they still sell like hotcakes. This Dynasty takes an admirable step towards breaking the mold. Finally the graphics are 100% current-gen. No more PS2/Xbox visuals with a little spit shine. There’s several upgrades here, so keep on reading. Continue reading “Dynasty Warriors 7 Review (PS3, Xbox 360)”