WWE 2K15 Video Review: Can You Really Feel it? (PS4, XO)

2K is on its own for the first time. Were they able to fix some of THQ’s lingering problems? Is it a good game? KJ Reviews The latest WWE offering. All you have to do is bolieve! (more…)

WWE 2K15: All Day

John Cena is not only the cover star of 2K15, but the game’s soundtrack has been hand-picked by him also. Its been a while since he has stepped into the booth. Cena recorded a new track titled “All Day” which features Wiz Khalifa. I will say that the production is tight on this one. Nice sounding 8-bit noises in the background. John’s delivery was pretty good, but the lyrics could have been better. Since he’s been on such a long music hiatus, personally I was expecting more. WWE 2K15 drops tomorrow on PS3 & Xbox 360. PS4 & XO November 18th, 2014.

What do you think about “All Day”?

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‘WWE 2K14’ Brings 30 Years of Wrestlemania magic

Reported By: KJ

Witness the mode that will solidly your preorder decision. Its “30 years of WrestleMania”. Gamers will relive the greatest moments of this wrestling tradition. Retire Ric Flair, Slam Andre the giant, Rock bottom John Cena. If the same care is put into this mode as the Attitude Era from WWE 13′, we’ll have ourselves another great grappling experience. October 29th is the release date, it’s coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 this year.

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Was it Epic? 2012

the-avengers-hulk-imageReal Talk By: KJ

Earlier in the year we listed events, and items the squad was looking forward to in 2012. Honestly, this year was great for entertainment. Brand new shows, and movies came out of left field. Were back to lay down the law on the year that was. Continue reading “Was it Epic? 2012”

Quick Wrestlefest Premium Review

Real Talk By: EC

WrestleFest Premium Is an arcade fighting game for the iOS, based on the World of Wrestling Entertainment. The look and feel of this game is definitely a throwback to the 16-bit era, and to add onto the nostalgia, it has all the greats back from when WWE used to be WWF. The Game starts you off with 8 playable characters, and has 20 characters that can be bought as four separate DLC packs, which each include 5 characters and a new arena. After a loss or a win a sprite depicting Mean Gene Okerlund appears at a desk talking about the match that you just played, which is a nice touch to the nostalgia of WWE.

The Game play utilizes the Transparent Joy Stick, Red and Blue button for moving and fighting. The Simple controls don’t give you many fighting options. Playing through the first exhibition, I won by button mashing the red (punch) button, as did the CPU opponent I was fighting whenever I tried to kick him (blue button), so the game leaves no room for strategy. Nearing the end of the first Exhibition you go into Triple Threat mode where it’s a free for all for 3 fighters including yourself, this mode requires you to take down only one of the opposing wrestlers, but when I started I assumed it was going to be a last one standing sort of thing, so naturally, I stayed away until one of the others was taken down first, but when this happened I lost which I was then greeted by Mean Gene telling me about my failure.

Overall the game is pretty easy, I wouldn’t personally kill 5 minutes with it, I’d give it MF MF out of 5. I liked the retro feel of it, but the lack of moves threw me off, I would have liked to step out of the ring or climb the cage during a cage match, but that’s asking for too much. I attempted to play Online, but never got passed the loading screen.

Wrestlefest iOS Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit???

+Has a nice retro feel to it. 

What’s Perpetrating???

-Controls don’t really give you much to work with.