Play Legit Podcast Episode 12: Full Interview With Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico




Koerri and KJ Interview Tommy Tallarico CEO of Intellivision. In this Mega Powered and Mega Sized Play Legit Podcast, We get a thoroughly detailed explanation behind the system and unique controller design.  Learn about the thought process behind game development for Amico, and key details concerning The New Earthworm Jim Game exclusive to the console.  A system built entirely on the promise of  “Trust & Value”.  It’s been confirmed that no game in its lineup will exceed the price-tag of $9.99!  Also Tommy breaks down the Karma Engine, a unique style of play for everyone.

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Slap on Titan Cast Interview

Cameron Carlson of Anime on location, interviews The Slap on Titan Cast.  As announced before, many who lend their voices to the anime overdub parody, are also a part of Play Legit.  With that in-mind, we thought this interview would be awesome for all of you visiting today.  This was recorded at Animatic Con, an Anime x Gaming expo where all proceeds went to Autism Rocks and The Make-It-Fit Foundation. Continue reading “Slap on Titan Cast Interview”