The Play Legit Rap Cypher 2.0

That’s right. Video game characters hit the block, laying down some fierce rhymes. The Street’s Captain Falcon, Prince of Persia, and Sub-zero are on deck. Cypher 2.0! (more…)

Play Legit’s Rap Cypher 2.0 Is On The Way

Play Legit Rap Cypher 2.0

The First Rap Cypher featured in the Play Legit Comedy Special, was more traditional to the namesake. Black and White display, old school hip-hop inspired. While were not changing up on the hard-hitting lyricism (We can’t do that!), this time its going to be in full color. Continue reading “Play Legit’s Rap Cypher 2.0 Is On The Way”

Mario Deep

Music producer Teddy Faley Mixed the old school tunes of Super Mario Bros, and blended it with classic Mobb Deep Tracks. The end result is a compilation known as Mario Deep.

Must be 17 and up To Listen

Click here to check out the rest of this amazing mix.

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