The 8-Bit Troll: Best of 2018 Award Ceremony Championship

Gremlik Here.  The Goofs at Play Legit pulled me from my cave again.  This is ridiculous, they don’t need my help.  See a game, and give it an award.  It’s not tough! At all!

Rule uno, my favorite choices basically had to keep me awake.  I’ve yet to play a game in this realm that didn’t put me in a bad mood, but at least the following provided a dash of much-needed entertainment.  Continue reading “The 8-Bit Troll: Best of 2018 Award Ceremony Championship”

SLAP ON TITAN: The Depths of Madness (NSFW)

Your friends at Play Legit (Cmack The Don, Hec G, and KJ, and Knowledge) lend their voices to the latest episode of Tom Andre’s Overdub parody.  Get introduced to Sunny and Bean. Continue reading “SLAP ON TITAN: The Depths of Madness (NSFW)”