PL Podcast #17: Making Movie Video Games Awesome

First off, did you buy Final Fantasy Type-O HD just for the XV demo? Tell it like it is. Also, KJ Offers up his suggestions to make Movie Video Games not suck. We talk about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming departure from Konami. What could this mean for the Company’s future projects? Nintendo NX is on tap for discussion as well. Continue reading “PL Podcast #17: Making Movie Video Games Awesome”

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes has a ‘Classic’ Bonus

Kojima is hooking it up. PS4 owners will not only get an exclusive mission, but they can play through it as ‘Classic Snake’. The Next Gen crossing the Old school, just looks sweet. Check out this trailer above. What are your thoughts on this unique bonus?

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Monthly High Scores I March 2013


Published by KJ (Kris Jones)

The Play Legit Fam is ranking not only the Game of the Month, and Trailer, but now other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade Machine. Who Earned the most points? See where everything landed. Check out the Monthly High Scores of March 2013. No tokens needed. Continue reading “Monthly High Scores I March 2013”

Top 5: Developer Cameos in Gaming

Real Talk By: EC

After the long process of creating a video game, all the hard work and the polishing of each aspect, The Developers sometimes feel like pulling away from the serious story line. Little hidden secrets throughout a game for Gamers to hunt or stumble upon, these are called Easter Eggs; Easter Eggs are fun hidden messages/events/items/ect in video games that are thrown in by the developers just for fun. Sometimes the Easter eggs are an allusion  to some other form of media or something/someone in real life. Some Developers even throw themselves into the mix, cause why not, they worked hard to make it, maybe a name in the credits isn’t enough, they want their face to be known and recognized. So here are the Top Five Developer Cameos in Gaming:

“I put your face in my video game!” that should trump all future arguments.

5-  Fred Selker’s Girl friend – Psychonauts

Fred Selker works in Double Fine Productions, also known as the company that gave the world that amazing Indie game Psychonauts. Fred is an Environment Designer who decided to get creative with the Giant Level in Psychonauts. On Skyscraper island there is a building that can be climbed and if you angle the camera in the right position, you see a picture of Fred’s Significant Other.

Don’t let the success get to your head buddy!

4- Will Wright – Spore

Will Wright is a Game Designer well-known for his work on The Sims, Sim City, and Spore. Mr. Wright makes a cameo Appearance in a big way. When you spin the Galaxy too fast in Spore, His head will spin out from the middle and enlarge. I bet you expected a microscopic organism with his face on it.

3- Gabe Newell – Half Life 1

Gabe Newell…The man who can’t count to 3…unless of course you are reading this in a future where Half Life 3 released, If so then I must sound like a jerk…Anyway, Mr. Newell has a special room where the Walls, Floor and Ceiling is tiled with his face in half Life 1, We call this Gabe’s Room.

2- John Romero – Doom 2

In Doom 2, the Final Boss chants in a demonic voice “To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero!” this audio is recorded backwards with distortions to make it sound demonic, and if you enter a no clipping console command, you can find John Romero’s severed head on a pike hidden beneath the last boss, and if you shoot said head it will cause damage to the Final boss, and eventually kill him, thus earning you bragging rights to killing John Romero and beating Doom 2.

1- Hideo Kojima – MGS Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima hides a bunch of Easter Eggs in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. One of these easter eggs is the man himself. Kojima is hiding in the back of an enemy truck during one of the interactive cut scenes and if you choose the license plate that reads 63824, Snake will look inside and say “Mr. Kojima?” thus recruiting the Game Director into your team back at Mother Base. And if you missed your chance to recruit him, some of your soldiers might start gossiping about how a God was hidden in the back of a truck, and Kojima also hides a message in one of the character’s names alluding to him being a God.

If you guys can remember any games where you bumped into its creator, feel free to drop a comment and tell us about it.

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