Indiana Comic Con 2015


Real Talk By: J.Valdez

I only got the chance to attend Indiana Comic Con on Saturday, and I didn’t get to stay too long. I also missed out on getting a picture with Jason Momoa,  because the line was way too long and I was really hungry. But I definitely enjoyed my time there, there were many great cosplays, and a good number of interesting panels going on. Almost spent a lot of money in the dealers area, really tempted to buy the Hound’s helmet from Game Of Thrones. Hope you enjoy the picture gallery.

I also wasn’t expecting to interview or record any video, so I left my mic and stabilizer at home. Then I ran into this guy, who created his steampunk character over the course of a few years, and has a moving dragon on his shoulder.

The full gallery will be uploaded here

My Top 10 Favorite Pictures From Colossalcon 2014!

By J. Valdez

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to go to Colossalcon, I had a lot of fun, a lot of drinks, and took a lot of pictures. Before I uploaded the gallery of all those pictures Gallery has been uploaded! I wanted to go through and choose a few that really stood out to me. There were many great cosplays, some which I sadly did not get a pictures of, so these 10 are just from the pictures I took, the ones that I really liked for one reason or another.

Starting off in no particular order, other than me wanting to countdown, Continue reading “My Top 10 Favorite Pictures From Colossalcon 2014!”

Why The ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Announcement is Great News

KJ: After watching this superb “Father to Son” trailer for the latest Batman Game, we were left with smiles on our faces. Not only did the trailer show some of the characters you’ll battle, but we found out it’s coming this year. Xbox One, PS4 and PC will be getting Arkham Knight. No Word on any other consoles as of this writing. Pre-order now and gamers will receive Harley Quinn as a playable character, packed with her own challenge maps. Did I mention the Batmobile will be drivable for the first time? I wonder if it will be upgradeable. We Cannot wait to see some real gameplay footage. Hopefully very soon.

Cmack:  That was truly fantastic, this is great news. Just this trailer alone was better than the entirety of The Dark Knight Rises. These creators understand so much more than any of the filmmakers, and I mean any, that have ever handled the character. I wouldn’t mind seeing an entire Batman Movie like this. See even though they’re coming out with it soon (2014), I know they’ve been working on this since City, considering Rocksteady had nothing to do with Origins. Those imitators made Origins out of the mold that Rocksteady masterfully created, and now the reigns are back in the hands of the masters.

What would you like to see in Arkham 4?

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