The Nintendo Switch Unwrapped

My Journey to obtain Nintendo’s latest console was recorded. Everything from patiently waiting, to buying, unboxing, and even more. Several Switch videos are here for you to enjoy. Hopefully some burning questions about this fresh-tech will be answered. I unbox Super Bomberman R, and even The Master Edition of Zelda Breath of The Wild. Continue reading “The Nintendo Switch Unwrapped”

The Social Connection

KJ here,  We want to connect with all of you.  What is your favorite social media application? 

Like the Facebook Fam Page, and join our group.  T-42 is always posting some sweet findings. Continue reading “The Social Connection”

Pokemon Black and White Review

Real Talk By: J. Valdez

September 30th 1998, Pokemon Red and Blue graced the lands of America and started a phenomenon that few games could ever live up to. Almost 13 years, 5 generations of the game and hundreds upon hundreds of new Pokemon later, it’s becoming apparent that GameFreak and Nintendo have been milking this for way too long. Continue reading “Pokemon Black and White Review”