Halo Reach: Noble Six Map Pack Review

Real Talk By: Vex

First off this review is intended for the stragglers and not so much for the core, which more than likely already busy taking lives. Second, why do a review this far after the release of the map pack? Well, I believe in doing a more in-depth review over a long period of time to truly test the product and to see if Continue reading “Halo Reach: Noble Six Map Pack Review”

Halo Reach Review

Real Talk By: KJ

First off, I wanted to wait to review this game, so I didn’t catch myself in the hype of everything Halo. I wanted to thoroughly Play through Bungie’s “last” Halo using great criticism and that patented real life, so the review wouldn’t be tainted. Well, I have to tell you that This game is truly great in every aspect of the word. This is the best Halo game ever made. Continue reading “Halo Reach Review”

New Releases: Week of September 12th (abridged)

Not much to say this week. Halo: Reach comes out. I could talk about it, but you’ve more than likely decided whether or not you’re going to buy it. There are indeed other games coming out this week, but they’re likely to be overlooked because of the release Halo: Reach. So instead of the usual exhausted list of new releases, hit the break for a list of new releases that might peak your interest. Continue reading “New Releases: Week of September 12th (abridged)”

Trailer Of The Week 8/23/10

Real Talk By: KJ

Well it really wasn’t that hard this week to decide who had the best trailer. Whenever Microsoft puts together a Live action TV spot, it’s always A1. On one side of the coin it pumps you up for reach, but on the other its pisses you off. You see such a professional live action ad with gorgeous special effects, so where in the world is Continue reading “Trailer Of The Week 8/23/10”