1000 Words (Halo 4)

Real Talk By: Vexamillion

To the un-sung Heroes of gaming here at Play Legit we are dedicating “A 1000 Words”. Continue reading 1000 Words (Halo 4)


The Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time #6 Halo 4


Using the blueprints Bungie left, Newly formed 343 Industries picked up the ball and ran with it. Master Chief’s Journey continued. Continue reading The Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time #6 Halo 4

The Halo 4 Hook-Up


Welcome to Halo week. Below is a video of goodies 343 has planned for it’s fans. Continue reading The Halo 4 Hook-Up

Face Off: Halo 4 vs The Community

sparReal Talk By: Vexamillion

After the dust settled from Halo 4’s massive arrival many fans where left with a bad taste. Some fans voiced their opinion to only be greeted by the typical “oh there’s a patch coming” response. Continue reading Face Off: Halo 4 vs The Community

Fall/Holiday 2012 Box Art Report Card


Halo game covers have improved as new versions of the game are released- mainly because there is more to work with. New concept artwork and better in-game graphics make for better source material, and this cover makes good use of that. Halo 4 gets MF MF MF MF out of 5


The new features of this Mario game are the focus of this cover, and everyone is in action which is great. However, the face the blue Yoshi is making has been mocked endlessly, and now that is all I can see when I look at this cover! Seriously though, what is that face? New Super Mario Bros. U gets MF MF MF M out of 5


This is actually the first Assassin’s Creed cover to show an assassin actually in action- and it’s awesome! It’s also nice that there is some indication of the historical setting of the game in the background rather than just blown out blurry light. Assassin’s Creed III gets MF MF MF MF out of 5


The art style of the game itself is what makes this cover so great, although I would not have minded seeing other characters or buildings in the background. The one glowing hand and dagger in the other also immediately convey that this character will use a mix of magic and weapons in the game. Dishonored gets MF MF MF MF out of 5

I know on the other covers I was looking for more going on in the background, but in a game where the goal is to blend in it is cool that Agent 47 is the only one on the game cover. Hitman: Absolution gets MF MF MF MF M out of 5

AngryBirdsStarWars_box_artHonorable Mention: Angry Birds Star Wars. Since it’s a mobile game it does not have box artwork so to say, but as I mentioned before in my review, the artwork for this game is just fantastic. The Star Wars-Angry Birds mashup was executed really well, and the artwork shows it!

Past box art report cards: Winter 2011, Spring 2012, Summer 2012

Real Talk by: StephO (Stephanie Owens)

Play Legit’s: Best of 2012 Full Result Breakdown


We know who took home The Cup O’ Real  in 2012, now see the complete percentage breakdowns of your votes. Who was close to victory, and which games as a staff did we pick for the year’s best? Continue reading Play Legit’s: Best of 2012 Full Result Breakdown

Halo 4 Review

Real Talk By: Vex

It’s not everyday that a title from a billion dollar franchise gets released, yet alone by a newly founded company. Continue reading Halo 4 Review