Our take on the Xbox Series X gameplay footage | Play Legit Podcast

Koerri & KJ give their take on the latest game play reveal for the Xbox Series X. KJ also clears up a major boo boo from last weeks podcast and Gremlik stops by with “Make it Grumpy.” We also get an awesome review for Streets of Rage 4 from KJ.

Audio version: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3l0G071PsK2ulqaG1UkBEw

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Video Review: Orcs Will Rise (PS4, XO)

Shadow of Mordor was a game that arrived slightly under the radar. This Lord of The Rings spin-off includes fresh visuals, and a familiar control method. An Orc leveling system was brought to the title that could be a genre-changing feature. Was the development team able to blend borrowed styles with their own? (more…)

Fable Anniversary is Looking Fresh

Fable Anniversary is upon us. The Graphical leap is major. In the trailer you can see the difference. It’s as clear as Night and Day. Grab it in early February.

Will you take the journey again?

@PlayLegit #FableAnniversary