Play Legit Podcast #14: Sega Needs To Step It Up

Play Legit Fam, KJ is talking about SEGA, a company in his eyes that has lost its way. What can this corporation do to get back on track? We’re talking about Batman Arkham Knight receiving an M-Rating, and the impact this may leave in the DC Universe. We have your Amiibo update too. Let’s get it popping.

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10 Failed Comebacks In Gaming


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback and KJ

It’s always great seeing a series come back after a long layover. Killer Instinct comes to mind. Crash Bandicoot, where you at? The latest round of Lara Croft titles are top flight. Batman video games are good now. Still blown away by that fact. Plenty of positive revivals have happened as of late. Continue reading “10 Failed Comebacks In Gaming”