Dragon Ball Super Episodes 87-90 Reviewed

Join us as we review the latest episodes of DBS.  The Tournament of Power is nearly here! Play Legit Proudly Presents: Dragon Ball Super So Far.  Be sure to follow on Soundcloud for even more real talk.


The Goku/Android 17 team-up continues! Join Koerri and KJ as they put their final scores on Episode 87.


Gohan Gets Right! Koerri and KJ Review Episode 88 of Dragon Ball Super.


We’re reunited with Tien (Episode 89). What has he been up to? DBS #90 was an epic event.  Gohan kicked it up a notch, challenging his own pops to a fight.  Both episodes are reviewed in full.



The 7 Greatest Dragon Ball Games

Real Talk By: KJ

I’ve finally started watching Dragon Ball Super.  After diving into every episode available, it fired me up (Can’t wait for The Universe Survival Saga). Naturally, my mind started to wonder towards Video Games.  Dragon Ball titles are plenteous.  There have been some solid outings, that may have been overlooked, or forgotten (due to the swarm of bad titles in-between).  Here is Play Legit’s Top Dragon Ball Games.  Before we summon Shenron, here is some Honorable Mentions: Continue reading “The 7 Greatest Dragon Ball Games”