Play Legit’s 2018 Game of The Year

We were taken to Epic Worlds, introduced to instantly memorable characters.  Familiar Franchises took major risks, that paid off big.  Gaming experiences were filled with well designed levels, outstanding soundtracks, tighter controls, unique multiplayer components.  We can say 2018 was a surprise.  There was a lot to take away from it.  AAA and Indie Studios both represented.  We can’t thank everyone enough who had a hand in bringing us so many New Classics.  Play Legit Proudly Presents our Game of The Year. Continue reading “Play Legit’s 2018 Game of The Year”

Play Legit’s Best Graphics of 2018

Our Best Graphics category was another we had to really debate over.  The Crew decided on a particular game having the most consistency across the board, especially when it came down to the finest details. Continue reading “Play Legit’s Best Graphics of 2018”

Mission 3 Replay: Gaming’s Best Trilogies

Play Legit Proudly Presents: The Mission 3 Podcast Live!


Tonight’s Hot Topics:

Mission 1: EA @ Gamescom

We break down EA’s presence at the event. Anything new revealed?

Mission 2: Best Trilogies Ever!

The Community lends us their energy! We read your responses while giving our own favorites.

Mission 3: Microsoft @ Gamescom



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Mission 3 Podcast: Awesome Games That Would Make Great Movies

“The Mission Starts Now”

Will you accept?

Loading Objectives…

1. Our Favorite PS2 Games

This one will certainly be re-visited in the future. The crew gives their picks.

2. Agent’s Choice Mission: Kratos

You voted, and we’re here to shine the spotlight on Kratos: The Ghost of Sparta

3. Awesome Games That Would Make Great Movies

We list titles that would transition nicely (if properly directed of course) onto the big screen.  Knowledge gives an interesting idea in “LIMBO”.

New Series “Mission 3” features Three Participants and Three Goals. Can Koerri, KJ, and Knowledge complete the missions?

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