Games We Need From E3 2017

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

It’s that time.  The season where we come out ecstatic for upcoming releases.  Let’s break-down our E3 2017 list for you.  Titles either scheduled to appear, or stuff from the industry we want to see revealed can be found below.  Play Legit is on The lookout for some boss games.  No wannabee announcements this year please. Only The hottest.  Here we go: Continue reading “Games We Need From E3 2017”

8-Bit Troll: Stage 14 “3E Power Blast”

For Readers 14 and up

Gremlik here.  So my trip to 3E 2016 was quite enjoyable.  I did right by Reggie, had a couple of Grand Slams at the nearest Denny’s. Continue reading “8-Bit Troll: Stage 14 “3E Power Blast””