EVO 2017’s Smashing Trailers

Real Talk By: KJ

EVO seems to be morphing into an E3 level event for fighting game fans. Growing every year in-reach.  Not only are we seeing highlight titles getting picked-up for this contest of champions (ARMS announced for 2018), we’re seeing important debuts.  As you scroll, I’ve dropped clips of key character reveals to popular games, or new franchises entirely.  Essentially everything I found to be amazing from EVO 2017.

 Street Fighter V

Big Thug “Abigail” has been revealed as (SFV) Season 2’s next character.  He is actually The Largest in franchise history. Notice his Stage is ripped directly from Final Fight. Hopefully Capcom will insure this fighter is balanced.

Arika’s New Game 

Arika’s mysterious fighter has a Street Fighter 5 art direction. But i’ll say the graphics look even better.  Big time! No official title for this yet, but some familiar faces will pop up in this teaser. Shout out to the fans of SF EX, this is for you.  What started off as an April Fool’s prank, will be heating up PS4’s in 2018.

 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

A massive crossover between Four Franchises: Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY and Blazblue. This is sure to have standout (and definitely bizarre) character selections. This year has been an exceptional one for fighting game fans, but 2018 is showing promise.

 Dragon Ball FighterZ

Along with Future Trunks making the roster, Piccolo and Krillin were confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ. With an early 2018 release, this roster will most-likely be on the smaller side.  So, continue to make every reveal count. It was my favorite game shown at E3 2017 obviously my hype meter is over 9,000.

Tekken 7

A Surprising announcement.  Fatal Fury Baddie “Geese Howard” is coming to Tekken 7 this winter.  Namco Bandai continues to make interesting casting choices with this title. Could we see Terry Bogard next? Maybe a Virtua Fighter pick is in the cards. Dead or Alive? The floodgates have opened.