Custom Robo Retro Review: Gundam Vibes

Real Talk By: Haggy

I am finally back after a massive hiatus of me getting my life in order.  As such, a good way I felt to get back into the Play Legit Way is to pick up an older game I played a ton of back in my day, and see how it stacks up.  Continue reading “Custom Robo Retro Review: Gundam Vibes”

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Nintendo is at it again with its Zelda franchise.  They have a habit of teasing us with updated versions of past titles, while working on the most current installment.  We expect perfection, and they generally come close.  While I’m sad that I’m not reviewing a completely new game, I was extremely happy to play Twilight Princess again.  As with other titles in the series, there are no shortages made to the in-depth characters, vast environments, and funky story line which has made Zelda one of the most well thought about series of all time. Continue reading “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review”

Resident Evil 0 Review: Remixed

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Fourteen years ago the Nintendo Gamecube was considered a failure in North America by many accounts. Sales were stooping thanks to the original Xbox making every man in the universe lose their mind due to Xbox Lives first person shooters, and the Playstation 2 was still the best-selling console of all time.  Nintendo was holding tight to its exclusives and Nintendo fans were still very defensive of console for good reason.  The Resident Evil series was still exclusive to the console and was still one of the biggest reasons to own a Gamecube. Continue reading “Resident Evil 0 Review: Remixed”

Mario Tennis Retro Review (N64, Wii U)

Real Talk By: KJ

My introduction to Mario Tennis was through a local McDonald’s of all places.  Though it provided shoddy service at best, as a kid I was able to look past it. Pokémon Stadium, Excitebike 64, Wave Race 64, and the game we’re reviewing today all demoed on separate TVs. This was an elite set-up.  The timed demos would cut you off after a while.  It would reset, my friends and I would wait.  Go right back at it again.  Fast-forward fifteen years, and we are still playing this game.  Why is that? Continue reading “Mario Tennis Retro Review (N64, Wii U)”