Play Legit Podcast Episode 13: Atari VCS: Hit or Miss

Koerri and KJ detail six awesome games they feel would be a success on the Intellivision Amico and give their thoughts on the unique Pay-Per-Game pricing method for “The Culling” rerelease.
The Atari VCS is expected this year. Will it be a Hit or Miss with the video game landscape getting ready to level-up to the Next Generation (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X), where will this system stand among the pack?

Play Legit’s Best Shooter of 2018

A popular category in need of some innovation. Well, this year would be a step in the right direction.  VR shooting would be taken more seriously, Battlefield returned with tighter mechanics.  Lastly, Call of Duty embraced the power of Battle Royale.  Here is our winner for Best Shooter:
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