Castlevania on Netflix Review

Real Talk By: CMack Tha Don

(Warning: this review may contain minor spoilers.)

Castlevania has been a video game standard for over 30 years since the release of the very first game in 1986. It’s been a hit with gamers and critics alike, and was one of the very first widely successful games with a horror motif. Even though vampires, ghouls, and the man himself, Dracula, have been staples of movies and books for over 100 years, Castlevania itself hasn’t had much media outside the game franchise until now, with the release of the direct-to-Netflix anime written by comic book author Warren Ellis, simply called “Castlevania”. Continue reading “Castlevania on Netflix Review”

Let Flappy Bird Fly.

Real Talk by J. Valdez

I can understand why you would take it down, honestly in your shoes I would be thinking the same thing. I’m not a big fan of negative attention either. But I think that if you take it down, you’re letting the haters of the internet win. All the haters that said your game was a copy, or talked about it being stupid, they would win. And honestly they win nothing, but you lose a lot. Continue reading “Let Flappy Bird Fly.”

Alan Wake Review

Real Talk By: Vex

This night was like any other night I’ve bought a videogame, or so I thought. Upon commencing my usual routine I felt no change. That was until, (fu@$ oh no..ah)…..Before I knew it, this game had consumed me like obese meets dollar night at Mc’ds. So began my review of Alan Wake. One would think that  this game was being overhyped by the push it received, but I beg to differ. Continue reading “Alan Wake Review”