Friday the 13th: The Game Review: Low Budget Classic

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

Reviewed on PS4

Let me get my inherent biases out-of-the-way: I love all the Friday the 13th movies and it is without a doubt my favorite movie franchise— period. Horror is my favorite film genre and within that specifically slasher films. Finally, I try to play every significant horror game that comes out, from Resident Evil, to Silent Hill, to Amnesia, to old PC classics like Alone in the Dark. So it makes sense that I was excited to play Friday the 13th: The Game and why I bought it on day 1 not waiting for anyone else’s thoughts on it. With the only Friday the 13th video game representation being on the original Nintendo, it’s high time for Jason to be resurrected to kill again. Unfortunately, weed smoking, sex-crazed teenagers aren’t the only things to die in this game. Continue reading “Friday the 13th: The Game Review: Low Budget Classic”

My Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2017

Real Talk By: Haggy

Gaming, now more than ever, is becoming a mainstay in all forms of entertainment.  Long gone are the days that gaming was a niche market and longer still are the days of the industry’s success being an uncertainty.  Sure, with some lingering problems having me concerned with the industry’s practice as a whole, it’s still stronger than ever and bringing in more and more profits.  With that, it’s never been easier or more accepted to become a game designer, sure it’s a struggle to get your games out, but many people are trying, and for 2017, here’s what I’m most anticipated to see: Continue reading “My Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2017”

Friday The 13th Retro Review (NES)

Real Talk By: The Ax

There’s something about 80’s horror movies that stays with us, at least in a pop-culture manner of speaking. The current gaming trend of taking something that was once very good and bringing out yearly renditions that fail to stand up to the original few (I’m looking at you, Assassin’s Creed) is a pattern that mirrors that of the famous horror franchises of the 80’s-90’s: Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and of course, Friday the 13th. The iconic machete wielding undead serial killer donning a goalie mask just won’t die, in more ways than one. With 12 films (including the reboot and awfully funny Freddy vs Jason), Jason is one of the most prolific fictional baddies that endures across decades. His inclusion in the recent Mortal Kombat X has piqued PlayLegit’s interest in going back to Mr. Voorhees’ gaming roots: the infamously difficult and rather pointless Friday the 13th NES game. How does it hold up after 26 years?
Continue reading “Friday The 13th Retro Review (NES)”