The Top 10 Wii Games of All Time: #3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

playlegits greatest wii number 3 ssbbFighting game fans rejoiced again! We would have another entry in the Super Smash Brothers series. Brawl included way more fighters, and some of the best guest characters ever. Solid Snake and Sonic The Hedgehog were added. SSBB featured an online competitive mode that was fun, but eventually dropped. That’s okay, because the real entertainment is with players around you. I can’t think of a better party game from the Wii’s lifespan, that carries such re-playability. Aside from your friends and enemy AI cranked up, Stages could be the worst opponent. A WarioWare themed level told players do certain things (very fast), or face extreme consequences. My personal favorite was the newer Star Fox level, as it brings you right into a space battle already in progress. Hal laboratory didn’t have to do it, but they brought back stages from Smash bros Melee. Smash had a two player coop survival mode, mini games, and a full on Story mode: “The Subspace Emissary”. Lots to do. In 2014 the Wii U will see an update to the series. For now Brawl is still your go to title, and our number 3 choice.

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