‘Fighter Within’ Gameplay Gets Real

Real Talk By: KJ

The characters look really cool in Fighter Within. A truly diverse cast.

If you’re wondering how to play without breaking something, the developers have looked out for you. Fighters will be able to activate specials and other moves doing simple punch and kick motions. No need to Liu Kang kick your TV. Evasive movements have been incorporated as well. Blocking and dodging is all possible. Players who think before striking will have the most success.

I posed the question; Will this be another Fighter’s Uncaged? You have to consider it, since the game’s coming from the same company. We will remain optimistic.

Play Legit will bring full coverage, when the game launches in November

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Is Fighter Within another Fighters Uncaged?

Real Talk By: KJ

Hopefully Ubisoft has learned from the mistakes of ‘Fighters Uncaged’. That is still known as one of the worst Kinect titles around. I’m trying to be optimistic, but this kind of concept needs time, yet ‘Fighter Within’ (ironically announced at Gamescom too) is an Xbox One launch game. Hopefully Ubisoft can take full advantage of the improved Kinect device. If so, We might have a fun party game on our hands. We look forward to seeing full gameplay soon, and throwing perfect kicks and punches at our television sets.

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