10 Gems you should play Before Xbox One & PS4 Launch day


Real Talk By: The Wizard & KJ

As the release of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 nears, this is the perfect time to pick up some of those games, that may have went under the radar. So today myself and KJ are going to fill you in. We both picked five games. Here are my choices below:

Death Smiles (X360)


If you missed out when this game was initially released then October/November is the best time to enjoy this bullet hell Halloween themed SHMUP from Cave. This is probably the best SHMUP in the states on the 360, and arguably one of the best released in any region. So if you like Shoot em’ups do youself a favor and pick up this gem.

Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Double Pack (PS3)


OK so maybe you missed Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on PS2 back in the day. Well, they were released as a combo package on the PS3 re-done in HD. Both games simply put are amazing and not to be missed. If you enjoy a good action RPG then you owe it to yourself to try these games! Zelda fans will feel right at home. In Ico you are trapped in a castle and must escape with a girl. The castle is like a giant puzzle and you run around holding the girl’s hand while progressing through the maze and defending her against attacks from shadow figures that try to capture her.

In Shadow of the Colossus you are thrown in a huge Zelda style world to hunt 16 giant colossi with promise if all are defeated your love will be brought back to life. The cool thing about Shadow of the Colossus is that there are no enemies other than these colossi, and when you do find them they are so huge you approach them like a puzzle. You have to figure out how to climb them, and how to attack them. There is absolutely no reason if you consider yourself a gamer that you need to miss these games for 2 generations of game consoles! Get out there and get this game while you can.

Child of Eden: (PS3, X360)


I admit this game has some weird stuff going on in the introduction, but it is one of the best games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 you probably never heard of. Created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who created the epic masterpiece Rez which appeared on the Dreamcast and PS2. This game can best be described as a psychedelic on-rails rhythm based shooter. It’s actually kind of hard to explain this game, and the youtube videos do not do it justice. You need to be playing this game on a big HD T.V. hooked up to surround sound to understand how great this game is. It can still be had for under $20.00, there is no reason not to give this game a try.

Dark Souls: (PS3, X360)


Widely considered by many people the best game ever created this is an instant classic you must at least give a chance. It has great Co-op and PVP, epic bosses, and excellent customization of your characters. Not to mention the most solid 3rd person combat system I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Dark Souls may not be for everyone. It is pretty hard till you get the hang of it. Those who stick around will be treated to quite possibly, the greatest dark fantasy action RPG of all time.

Demon’s Souls: (PS3)


Before Dark Souls, there was Demon’s Souls. This was the first game I played in a very long time that really took hold of me. Most people probably like Dark Souls better, and I can see why. But for me it’s Demon’s Souls all the way! I like the level design better, and the PVP and Co-op have fewer restrictions. The servers were about to shut down before irate fans petitioned and get them back up! Now the game is on the Playstation Network with extended servers hopefully running for a very long time. Just writing about this game has me staring at my PS3 now with my thumbs itching to invade and conquer some novice player, and make his life miserable! Now it’s time for KJ’s five.

Fight Night Champion: (PS3, X360)


Thanks Wizard, I’m up in here. EA Sports delivered an epic boxing simulation In Fight Night Champion. This is the first EA sports game to receive a mature rating. Champion featured a full-out story mode following fictional boxer Andre bishop. The story had a ‘Rocky’ feel to it, featuring a grueling final boss fight. You were left fully satisfied upon landing the KO, because the challenge was so major.

The roster was jam-packed with legends and newer fighters. Without question, this is one of the best looking games of this generation. Players will appreciate the detail in character movements, sweat, bruising, and cuts. It rewarded gamers who had good boxing IQ. DLC featured Bare Knuckle prison fighting. As you can imagine this is particularly brutal. Absolutely one of my favorite sports games ever.

The Club (PS3, X360)


It’s a tournament, where the world’s best killers are in competition to earn the big cash prize. The main missions see your character plowing through stages fast as possible. The trick is to do it with style. It’s a shooter that demands precision but also speed. Get headshots, move fast, hit hidden targets, race to the end. Do what you can to keep up your combo meter. It’s a frantic game, and a great controller passing experience. That’s not to say you can’t go online. The network mode is a more standard affair of Team Deathmatch and so on, but local play is where it’s at. At times the game feels like a racing game and not a shooter. When you get into your groove The Club becomes rather addictive, and this is why you should give it a spin.

Rocket Riot (X360)


This was a Riot that may have been successful on other devices, but I found it really fun on Xbox Live. Using the sticks to aim and shoot, while steering my rocketman was all in the fun. This isn’t a deep game by any stretch, but one that’s simple fun. There’s even a campaign mode which takes you through 80 different levels, complete with unique goals. Online play can get really chaotic. Seriously this is modern arcade magic at its finest. Invite some friends over, and make it happen for cheap.

Hotline Miami (PC,PS3, PSVita)


Set in the 80’s, this title channels the criminal underworld. Taking cues from Miami Vice, and Scarface, Hotline Miami is indeed gritty. The enemy A.I is unforgiving, forcing players to really think about every step taken. It does a great job of telling the story, even though the graphics are primarily 8-Bit. It’s rather impressive when you think about it, considering the age of gaming we’re in. Another bonus is the outstanding soundtrack, which will pull any gamer right into the experience. A stylish, violent classic.

Vanquish (PS3, X360)


Platinum Games’ cool third person shooter somehow fell under the radar. I truly have no idea why. Another game that has absolutely standout visuals. Not to mention, the gameplay was incredibly smooth. Players would zip and slide in and out of cover with finesse. Sliding was actually one of the most fun aspects. Your combat suit zipped you across an area while allowing you to shoot simultaneously. This opened the game up for quick escapes, and memorable moments. At the end of the day, maybe it’s the lack of multiplayer that hurt it from being a commercial hit. What ever the case may be, don’t let it pass you by again. Now that it’s in the bargain bin, get it out of there!

What gems do you recommend?

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