The Coin-Op Question: Is The Oculus Priced Fairly?

KJ: It was announced today that the Oculus Rift will debut at $599, and hit the streets in March of 2016.  Hopefully developers will figure out a way to make this well-worth the pricing.  It would be a shame to think twice about making a massive purchase, especially when it’s already sitting in your home. Continue reading “The Coin-Op Question: Is The Oculus Priced Fairly?”

5 Things The New Dashboard Needs

Real Talk By: KJ and D.Harris

We’ve had the new dash for about a month now. The editors at Play Legit have play tested this thing like crazy. There are several things that are done right, but there are a few omissions that the console could really use. Overall, We will admit, this year’s update is a quality one. Continue reading “5 Things The New Dashboard Needs”

Play Legit Podcast #3 : 2K, Elite, Or Jam

Real Talk By: KJ and Vex

Vex and KJ discuss the state off all 3 Basketball titles: NBA 2K11, NBA Elite 11, and the return of NBA Jam. With all of these games releasing, October will be the biggest month for hoops probably ever. which title will we pick? Which game will we kick? It’s all happening on the PL Podcast #3. Click. Listen. Laugh. Enjoy. Continue reading “Play Legit Podcast #3 : 2K, Elite, Or Jam”