Level-Start 22: Do You Support ESports On ESPN?

ESports on ESPN2 was a hot topic among people. Is this something you would support being featured regularly on their Networks? (more…)

E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

Real Talk By: KJ

Halo 4 live action vid, (later gameplay) footage showed off incredible detail in the textures and sound. This was a great way to open the show. Continue reading “E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Roundup”

5 Things The New Dashboard Needs

Real Talk By: KJ and D.Harris

We’ve had the new dash for about a month now. The editors at Play Legit have play tested this thing like crazy. There are several things that are done right, but there are a few omissions that the console could really use. Overall, We will admit, this year’s update is a quality one. Continue reading “5 Things The New Dashboard Needs”