Get a glimpse of Darth Maul’s Starfighter in the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay Trailer

EA continues to show off how much Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be the game we hoped Battlefront 1 would be. Continue reading “Get a glimpse of Darth Maul’s Starfighter in the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay Trailer”

Player Gamer’s Ball #4: Death to the Online Pass

This week EA has announced that they’ve ended the online pass program. Players who purchased their titles pre-owned, would have to pay an extra ten dollars to gain access to all the online features. Is there a hidden agenda behind this move? KJ lays the hammer down! Continue reading “Player Gamer’s Ball #4: Death to the Online Pass”

It’s a Contradiction: UFC and EA’s Partnership

Real Talk By: KJ

At the end of the day business is business, it’s not truly personal when a bunch of different parties are getting paid. At this year’s E3, Dana white announced that EA Sports has bought THQ out of their license to design UFC games. If you can recall a few years ago, Dana approached EA to do UFC titles, but back then they shut him down. Continue reading “It’s a Contradiction: UFC and EA’s Partnership”

E3 2012: Dead Space 3

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

During Electronic Arts Conference this week we were introduced to the trailer for their ongoing franchise Dead Space. Being a fan of the series I was quite excited to find myself watching our main characters ship as it hopelessly catches on fire and meets the dusty backside of a nameless planet. During his plummet his female companion, Eli, is thrown in a flaming heap of metal through the atmosphere to meet her doom. Once our man comes into consciousness he starts searching for Eli, and of course meets all kinds of disgusting and vile creatures that try their very hardest to rip his body apart.

The Good: I loved the other Dead Spaces so I’m sure I’ll like this third installment just as well. During the trailer the typical gameplay elements were shown that we’ve come to expect and im sure there will be newly designed vulgar enemies to encounter.

The Bad: If the music in this trailer is any indication of what the music line-up of the game is going to be, I’m scared.

Play Legit Podcast #3 : 2K, Elite, Or Jam

Real Talk By: KJ and Vex

Vex and KJ discuss the state off all 3 Basketball titles: NBA 2K11, NBA Elite 11, and the return of NBA Jam. With all of these games releasing, October will be the biggest month for hoops probably ever. which title will we pick? Which game will we kick? It’s all happening on the PL Podcast #3. Click. Listen. Laugh. Enjoy. Continue reading “Play Legit Podcast #3 : 2K, Elite, Or Jam”