Fight Night Champion Video Review

We step into the ring for Fight Night Champion. Now with a Story mode and altered gameplay, EA’s famous Boxing series looks to recover from round 4. Do the punches hit or miss. Either way The Gloves are off. Also on the show, The Debut of the new Intro and Theme song for season 3. (more…)

Fight Night Champion Preview

Real Talk By: KJ

Wow. Fight Night is back. From a visual standpoint, ill go on record saying that this is the best looking fighting game. Period. Player Mo-Cap is spot on. Seeing the way the players move in the ring, mirrors their real life counterparts. The Demo lets you play as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Miguel Cotto and The Pac-Man too. Your allowed three rounds against the computer, but you can keep Continue reading “Fight Night Champion Preview”

Three Reasons Why NBA Is Not Elite

Real Talk By: KJ

NBA (Live) Elite 11 is upon us, and we played the demo just like you. I walked away from it feeling pretty disappointed. Many of its promises that were stated months back were not executed. Three major things stuck out for me, that 2012’s version must address. If the issues are not resolved by next years title, consider the hoop war over. Continue reading “Three Reasons Why NBA Is Not Elite”