Best of 2016: Game of The Year

After many discussions between Play Legit crew members, and listening to everyone in the Network, we have provided our picks.  Games below either pushed their respective genre further, featured superb design, or were just fun to play.  Here we go. Continue reading “Best of 2016: Game of The Year”

Doom Review: Into The Depths

Real Talk By: KJ

DOOM is a retelling of the 1993 classic.  Scientists have designed a portal which connects between Mars and Hell.  This couldn’t go wrong.  No way.  The famous yet nameless Marine is resurrected into battle to put everything back in-place. From the moment you awaken, the action begins with familiar enemies coming your way.  Gameplay feels retro.  fast paced, with standard left trigger aiming removed.  A think fast and run affair.  Plenty of difficulty levels, with the hardest carrying “permadeath” rules. Continue reading “Doom Review: Into The Depths”