For Honor Review: Clash of The Factions

Real Talk By: KJ

For Honor has been one of my most anticipated games since the reveal in 2015.  It combines three things I love into one:  Samurai, Vikings, and Knights.  Part Deadliest Warrior/Bushido Blade, fighters converge on the battlefield.  Mix and match between 12 combatants with 4 assigned to each faction.  Some rely on speed, using quick combos, dodging attacks smoothly if properly timed.  More powerful characters lack in that department, but connecting with hits can be crucial.  I didn’t expect the fighting to be this deep. Continue reading “For Honor Review: Clash of The Factions”

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Review

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

If you’ve never tuned into the show on Spike, Deadliest Warrior is a hilariously historically inaccurate re-enactor match-up of two ancient warriors (who most likely never did or could interact; William Wallace VS. Shaka Zulu anyone?) (more…)

Deadliest Warrior Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Deadliest Warrior is a fighting round game based off of the Spike TV show that will appeal to fans of violence. You can decapitate foes and cut off their limbs, in the process making interesting fights. When you lose an arm your Continue reading “Deadliest Warrior Review”