Dead Space 2 Review

Real Talk By: Vex

If there ever was a FML video game contest, I believe Isaac from Dead Space would easily be in the running. Dead space 2 starts off with the same feeling of dread that the last game left you with, regardless if you were playing  dead space 1 or Extraction. The story picks right up in the sequel, with no wait at all. Through out the game’s story you’ll find yourself getting lost in the fiction, immersed in a way few games manage to do. Continue reading “Dead Space 2 Review”

Trailer of The Week 1/9/11

EA’s marketing campaign for Dead Space 2 has really heated up. Dead space 2 is going to be a vicious violent title that will scare gamers and Mothers? EA grabbed several gamers Moms, and let them watch the in-game footage of Dead Space 2. Their reactions are priceless. This was an innovative move by EA, and because of this, it bumps Bulletstorm out of the running for the trailer of the week. Continue reading “Trailer of The Week 1/9/11”