Star Wars Battlefront Release Date and Action-Packed Info

Star Wars Battlefront Release Date is November 17th on XO, PS4, and PC.  This new generation focused game will utilize the DICE engine in a major way allowing 40 players to fight at the same time.  Continue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Release Date and Action-Packed Info”

Angry Birds Star Wars Review


Real Talk By: Steph-O (Stephanie Owens)

If you find that today’s market is already too saturated with Angry Birds and/or Star Wars products, then you may not be on board with a combination of the two. However, this isn’t just another Angry Birds game with some Star Wars references thrown in; it is a fully realized collaboration that is equally immersed in both the Star Wars and Angry Birds worlds. And I am happy to report that it is in fact a fantastic idea.

Angry Birds Star Wars combines the level designs of the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, starting off on the ground at Tatooine and then moving on to the Death Star in outer space. But Rovio has made sure loyal Angry Birds players will still have something new to enjoy. Red Bird, as Luke Skywalker, can now swing a lightsaber to slice through a larger radius of barriers and Black Bird, as Obi-Wan, now has a ‘force’ push rather than exploding. Blue Bird, as a Rebel Pilot, Big Brother Bird, as a very funny Chewbacca, and the ‘Mighty Eagle’ as the Millennium Falcon still retain similar powers but have a visual makeover that is a perfect mashup of Angry Birds and Star Wars character designs. There are also excellent character designs on the ‘pork’ side (Angry Birds’ term, not mine) with Tusken Raiders, Storm Troopers, tie-fighters, Darth Vader and more all in piggy form.

screen cap

The game’s story follows A New Hope through stills of well known scenes (depicted in Angry Birds form of course), and looks like it will be continuing through the entire trilogy with the recent release of ice world Hoth levels and the addition of Pink Bird as Princess Leia. There is also a Path of the Jedi upgrade available for those who achieve three stars on all Tatooine and Death Star levels (or at a $1.99 for those who don’t) that ends up on Dagobah, as well as obtainable C-3PO and R2-D2 characters.

The game brings the Star Wars universe to life while still retaining all the trademarks of an Angry Birds game. The only downside might be that the game is not for those who have not played Angry Birds before. It is assumed that you know how Angry Birds works and have played through Angry Birds levels before. The difficulty of the first level is slightly higher than it might have been otherwise, which some may even see as a good thing.

Angry Birds Star Wars Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?
+ Excellent characters designs
+ Something new for experienced Angry Birds Players
+ Fine tuned levels both on the ground and in space

What’s Perpetrating?
– Some may not like paying $1.99 to unlock Path of the Jedi if they can’t get three stars on all other levels
– Overall level difficulty is slightly higher

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