Dark Souls III Super Review: Tough Action

Real Talk By: The Wizard

Being a huge Souls Fan since the good ol’ days of Demon’s Souls, and even King’s Field way back on PS1.  I have been so eager to not only play DS III, but to do a write-up.  I picked up Dark Souls III on release, and easily could of written up a quick review after only 10 hours a day of game-time, but that’s not legit.  Here at Play Legit, we are about what is legit, and that means unbiased, gamer’s perspective reviews from someone who has invested a great deal of time into the game.  A real review drops when someone has invested a serious amount of time in the game to learn the mechanics, and to make sure they completely understand the game, thus giving the game a fair scoring.  Since I have now dumped over 70 hours into Dark Souls 3, and am nearing the end of my second play through, I feel the time has come.  So let’s get this thing started. Continue reading “Dark Souls III Super Review: Tough Action”