Expectations for Every E3

Real Talk By: KJ

I’ve watched these things for years. Some I have attended in-person, and viewed many on various computer screens. Some Presentations have had their highlights, but in-the-end, could use some work. Here are a few ideas to make this year and beyond a show to remember for all companies. Continue reading “Expectations for Every E3”

Playstation is 4 the gamers

Check out this video of good friends, enjoying the Playstation console throughout the years. Aw yes, the fond memories. Who can forget the old start-up sounds, the jam-packed demo disks, great times. Gaming has indeed come a long way. Sony has had a big hand in it. Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, and now Knack. The company wants fans to know, that even PS4 is still “4 the players”.

Let’s hear your Playstation Memories!

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