Nioh Review: A Samurai Odyssey

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

Nioh is not an accessible game and like Bloodborne, and Dark Souls before it, success requires many, many deaths. There are tutorials, and the game throws you hints, but none of that matters when it comes to the skill that’s required to battle through it’s many missions. Continue reading “Nioh Review: A Samurai Odyssey”

Dark Souls III Super Review: Tough Action

Real Talk By: The Wizard

Being a huge Souls Fan since the good ol’ days of Demon’s Souls, and even King’s Field way back on PS1.  I have been so eager to not only play DS III, but to do a write-up.  I picked up Dark Souls III on release, and easily could of written up a quick review after only 10 hours a day of game-time, but that’s not legit.  Here at Play Legit, we are about what is legit, and that means unbiased, gamer’s perspective reviews from someone who has invested a great deal of time into the game.  A real review drops when someone has invested a serious amount of time in the game to learn the mechanics, and to make sure they completely understand the game, thus giving the game a fair scoring.  Since I have now dumped over 70 hours into Dark Souls 3, and am nearing the end of my second play through, I feel the time has come.  So let’s get this thing started. Continue reading “Dark Souls III Super Review: Tough Action”