EA Sports UFC Gameplay Questions

KJ here. I enjoyed my time with EA’s UFC demo, and most certainly the Bruce Lee gameplay clip from E3. But, there were a few things that should be addressed prior to release day. (more…)

Gamers Will Become Ultimate Fighters In EA’s UFC

EA is taking this UFC game very seriously. Not only do the fighting mechanics look polished, the bonus modes may have the same appeal. Players will compete for the first time, in the Ultimate Fighter Competition. It’s all about keeping your fighter together. Design game plans for each fight. Train in the gym, keep up your stats. Constantly taking hard shots throughout a fighter’s career, comes back at an older age. This game will be no different. Players will have to fight with intelligence to get the most of their combatant. Build your popularity, earn sponsorships, and become a legend. EA Sports’ UFC Arrives June 17th on Xbox one and PS4

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Donnie Yen vs Bruce Lee is a must watch Clip

Real Talk By: KJ

I’m a major fan of martial arts. The games, movies, you name it. This clip ‘A Warrior’s Dream’ shows superb CGI, and realistic movements. Donnie Yen Looks and Fights as he would in his flicks, that’s legit. The hard feat would be capturing The Legend: Bruce Lee in the same format. Both goals were accomplished in my opinion. If this fight happened for real, the choreography would match up pretty well. I tip my hat to director Li Ji.

After looking at footage of Killzone: Shadowfall, RYSE: Son of Rome, NBA 2K14, and others, I think a game based on this concept needs to happen. Can you imagine playing as both stars, and various locations with visuals matching this video? If nothing ever comes out of it, at least we were treated to a fantastic clip, which honors both stars.

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