Game x Movie: G.I. Joe: Retaliation


Real Talk By: KJ

G.I. Joe retaliation, has arrived on home video. In celebration of this flick, (and the foreknowledge that no movie game tie-in will properly suffice) we have a few game suggestions that will help enhance your G. I. Joe experience. This is a new article were trying out family, expect more of this in the future. Can you smell what Play Legit is cooking?

Metal Slug 1-7


This is a high-octane action adventure series that takes our soldiers across several locations. The G.I. Joes always have those sort of good times, this is why we figured its the perfect fit. Items are out of the wazoo in this game. The joes are in a constant struggle with the evil Cobra army, while the metal slug soldiers engage in battle with a terrorist squad ran by general morden. We think Cobra Commander and Morden would have a lot in common. They both of course lose in their worlds by our heroes. The vehicles in the slug series range from real to outlandish. Remind you of the Joes any? Mainly is the guns that set this game off. Shotguns, machine guns, Rocket launchers and several other over the top weapons made for the finest soldiers.

Any games you would recommend to G.I. Joe fans?

Metal gear Rising Revengeance


Really all the games in the series would fit nicely, but we’re massive Snake Eyes fans. The deadly precision the silent one has with his sword is quite impressive. In MGR, the game rewards you for smart slices during combat. He’s a futuristic ninja with extra gadgets on the side just in case the stakes get raised. Snake eyes isn’t afraid to pop a cap in someone either. Rising’s villains are super powered by random tech, and get rather absurd ( but in a good way). The game has the right amount of cheese and action blended together, which can be said about G.I. Joe. This is the winning combo.

G.I. Joe Retaliation is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital now.


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Xbox One: Initial Thoughts


Reported By: Ms. Throwback

Microsoft announces the Xbox One today in a press conference showing us features like no other system to date. While some people aren’t impressed with the name I for one find it to be a good fit for the competition. With names like Wii U and PS4 the name has to be short and sweet. Xbox One is short and it says exactly what it wants you to do. Use it as an all in one console for all your entertainment needs. Lets break down the good and bad in the bullet points:

The Good:


  • Catchy easy to interpret name.
  • Kinect, Voice Recognition, and Google Glass features.
  • Amazingly useful and simple interface. Literal flick of the wrist or spoken words work the entire thing.
  • Updated sports stats in game from live sporting events. True to life in game weather and wear and tear.
  • BluRay
  • Amazing Hyper-visuals. Did we doubt it?
  • Microsoft is focusing on exclusives with 15 titles.



  • Are Kinect and Google Glass in the box? If so we are looking at one heck of a price point.
  • Hardware looks like a Wii U except humongous! We wish they had more inspiration.
  • I might use xbox to turn my tv on for another system, if i pick up my Wiimote im tempted to play it. This is a lost opportunity for Xbox.
  • Hopefully xbox is smarter than Siri.

Xbox definitely took some notes from Nintendo and added some spice of their own. we still have to see how the interface and recognition work together but if they work like they were shown this is a worldwide game changer…literally. While there is no doubt about the graphical power of this generation of Xbox, gamers expect more content. Now that our eye candy can’t get much better the challenge is on. Will Xbox match our expectations? We have to wait for E3 to find out, but if the first round of EA sports titles and Forza show us anything it’s that the potential is endless. Now about that price point?

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