Monthly High Scores I September 2013

Reported By: KJ
The Play Legit Fam is ranking not only the Game of the Month, and Trailer,  but other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade cabinet. Grand Theft Auto V arrived, and Breaking Bad ended. What events rocked our culture in the month of September?

Game of the Month: GTA V

Think about this, Grand Theft Auto V made $1 Billion dollars in 3 days time. Wow. Were sure you have the game, along with all your friends. Could it be the Massive map, or just the anticipation of GTA Online. Over at Play Legit we really enjoyed the story mode. The unique characters always standout in the franchise, and it’s no Different in V. We will have a full review, once Rockstar gets their servers together.

Breaking Bad Series Finale

93990-breaking-bad- amcbreaking-bad (3)
While you can’t please the entire populous, we believe that Breaking Bad’s ending really delivered. It’s hard to talk about the show in detail without spilling the beans, so we’ll just say the performances from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were top-notch of course, along with the other cast members. There was great action, suspense, and a feeling of closure. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye. Did you like the Series Finale?

Money Mayweather Vs El Canelo Fight

mayweather-vs-canelo-fight-draw (2)
 -Getty Images
The fight as expected, went the distance. Floyd “Money” Mayweather dominated over Saul Alvarez. Precise jabs, and awesome body movement dodging many “El Canelo” punches. Still, Alvarez made it a fun match, but the winner was clear before the judge’s scorecards came in. One a side note, why did Mayweather come to the ring with Justin Bieber?

Jon Jones Epic title defense

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson
-MMA Fighting
A fight that lasted all 5 rounds, saw Jon Jones keep his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. It didn’t happen without a struggle from the opposition. Alexander Gustafsson gave the champ a busted up face, and really hung in there. At the end of the day, you need to finish a belt holder to take it.  Several fans through social media felt that Gus was robbed. Hopefully there will be a rematch in the future.


Riddick’s newest adventure is a nice hybrid. It takes the stealth/horror elements of “Pitch Black” and blends it with the action of “Chronicles”. Acknowledging the last film’s story arch, Riddick rules over the Necromongers. Richard is deceived by Karl Urban’s character ‘Vaako’. He tells Riddick that he will take him to his home world. Instead our anti-hero is brought to a different planet filled with vicious threats.

Trailer of the Month: DBZ Battle of Z

I was a little hyped after watching this trailer. It’s hard no to be. Since im a longtime fan, this is the first game that from a visual standpoint feels like a proper DBZ game. Cooperative gameplay, 8 Player battles, and forming your own Dream Team? You bet. Lets hope Namco Bandai’s servers can contain the madness. Also the characters from the most recent “Battle of Gods” movie will be in it.