Play Legit Podcast 14: PAC-MAN’S 40 Years of Domination

Koerri and KJ celebrate the Powerful legacy PAC-MAN is responsible for, putting some respect on his name. State of Play for The Last of Us 2 went down and Koerri does his best to be fair while highlighting it. The fellers each give their choice for “The Greatest 80’s Arcade Game of all time”. Atari Cryptocurrency is kind of a thing, Koerri gives us a detailed take on this form of coin.  Also inside Episode 14, KJ reviews Indie Run-and-Gun Epic: Hunt down. 

Throwback Thursday: Joust

Ms. Throwback plays The 1983 Atari port of Joust. Yes, it still holds up like you remember. Check this one out. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Joust”

Asteroids In The Modern Era


Real Talk By: KJ

Asteroids never really left the gaming scene. The concept itself has been duplicated and reloaded a bunch. So this is a series that is beyond classic, and isn’t going anywhere. Well maybe that isn’t necessarily true. Atari is taking the franchise into uncharted territory. Enter “Asteroids: Outpost” an MMO for PC. Continue reading “Asteroids In The Modern Era”