Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review: Playing With Power

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

Nintendo’s Joy Cons are a great solution for the modular nature of the Switch, but pick up a PS4 or Xbox One controller and you’ll notice the difference immediately— Bigger buttons, more expressive analog sticks, and a more premium feel overall. Sony and Microsoft have both decided to double down on their previous controller designs while Nintendo seems to change it up every generation, sometimes leading to inferior products. For example, the Wii U Pro Controller gave the tactile feel of a “normal” controller, but it felt cheap and didn’t have a satisfying weight. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review: Playing With Power”

Pokken Tournament From a Fan’s Perspective


Now I take a look at the newest video game in the Pokémon series.  Does it hold up after all this hype? Lets find out!  Check out KJ’s review for extra Pokken coverage . Continue reading “Pokken Tournament From a Fan’s Perspective”

Mario Party 10 Review: A Wii U Fail

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

So if you missed my Mario Party 9 review in 2012 you may want to take a look.  A lot of the same issues apply to this game that plagued the last.  While I was hoping that 9 wasn’t the end of the Mario Party series I think I’ve changed my mind.   Continue reading “Mario Party 10 Review: A Wii U Fail”