8-Bit Troll: Stage 19 “Switch Science”

Comedy Article

Gremlik The 8-Bit Troll here.  I’ve provided only the most important news in gaming and entertainment for whoever.  The accuracy of the stories is up in the air, but at least you heard it here first.  It’s about 50/50 right now.  Here we go: Continue reading “8-Bit Troll: Stage 19 “Switch Science””

The Nintendo NX Uncovered

A Rep from the Big N wanted to give a preemptive plethora of information. This way players would not be over cumbered with news the next time a NDirect aired.

    Nintendo NX is the Next console that will scan, then insert Mario and his friends right into your brain. Your mind is now the controller.  Hold hands with your friends to play multiplayer games.  You can also project the image onto any crystal surface for onlookers to view as well.  This is made possible with the Virtual Boy 2.0 peripheral.
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Welcome To The New Real

10897063_851243641585716_7913627635865717693_nDear Play Legit Network,

In January we had our holiday hangout. It was a great time to break bread, and discuss website things. We opened up Amiibos, and rocked the Arcade with our game-playing (and eating) skills.As a group we decided it was time for a bit of tweaking to the site. So here we are. Introducing our new design! Or, The New Real. Hopefully you enjoy the remixed layout just much as we do. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Along with this fresh change, comes some cool new things.

  • Introducing Gremlik: The 8-Bit Troll. Lil Mofo’s getting some help in the comedy department. This Grimey Cave-dwelling Monster will crawl out of the abyss monthly, providing the streets with his brand of unique gaming news. Prepare to be trolled in style. We’re not finished yet. One more character is on the way. That’s right, and this one is for the Ladies. More info when we get it friends.
  • J. Valdez will be attending another anime/gaming expo at the end of the month named “Shumatsucon”. We will be sure to share all the awesome pictures and videos we can.
  • The Play Legit Podcast Hosted by myself, is here after a long hiatus. I plan on doing one weekly for you guys. Is there anything you want me to talk about in a future episode? Let’s bring the noise. Together. TV Shows, Movies, Comics, Food, Retro Games. No limits.
  • Level-Start DX: Expected to reload in the Summer Time, T42 brings you only the most important news in the gaming industry. The revamped show shall be a monthly event. LSDX will be filled with unique segments and other surprises. Unboxing videos, reviews, opinion pieces. Hey Indie Game community, Do you have a trailer or cool clip of your game? We would love to feature your work in the show. Hit us up right here or at PlayLegitCrew@Gmail.com

Thanks  for your continued support Play Legit Fam in 2015 and beyond.


#NEWREAL @Playlegit

Fun fact, Ms. Throwback and J. Valdez both ended up with the same Groot Bobblehead in our Blind gift exchange.