Payday 2 Video Review

The next chapter in burglary is upon us. Payday 2 is here, with a lot more. So much, that it needed to be on a disk this time. (more…)

Supremacy MMA Review

Real Talk By: KJ

505’s version of MMA is great on paper. Take the rules away, and add a layer of grit to the title. You know like Def Jam fight for new york, or the modern classic (sarcasm) Fight Club game. The places you’ll fight in are strong in numbers, wish i could say the same for the fighters. Continue reading “Supremacy MMA Review”

BackBreaker Vengeance Review

Real Talk By: KJ

505 Games version of football returns to consoles, this time in downloadable fashion. BackBreaker Vengeance is certainly a sequel, but there’s a major thing missing from this one. The regular football mode has been completely axed. Let’s be honest, were not missing anything here. Continue reading “BackBreaker Vengeance Review”