Deadliest Warrior Legends Review

Real Talk By: KJ

The greatest warriors step into the arena. Brave fighters such as William Wallace, Shaka Zula, and Alexander the Great. That’s not the only change. New modes and special ways to punish your enemies are available. Just like the first game, Legends easily earns its M rating. Decapitating fools is more satisfying than ever, and the blood flow is even more juicy. Continue reading “Deadliest Warrior Legends Review”

E3 2011 Deadliest Warrior Legends In-Depth Video Preview

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We sit down with the developers from the sequel to the intense fighting game: Deadliest Warrior. Legends will arrive this summer. Find out which legendary combatants will slice limbs, the locations they’ll do it in, and a whole lot more. Learn about a new mode that you won’t expect, but will completely change the way the game is played. Continue reading “E3 2011 Deadliest Warrior Legends In-Depth Video Preview”