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Street Fighter V Hard-Hitting Beta Info

Well it’s never going to be long enough, but we have the schedule for Street Fighter V’s beta.  Glad to see Capcom’s top franchise receive the fine-tuning it deserves.  The schedule is a bit crazy so here is the details directly from Capcom Unity:

“The first BETA kicks off on July 23rd (18:00 PT), July 24th (03:00 CEST/10:00 JST)) for 5 days and is exclusive to PS4 users. The primary purpose of this BETA is to test the online net code, as this is something that Capcom is taking very seriously with Street Fighter V. The data that we receive from this BETA will help us to improve the net code in the final product, so we thank you in advance for participating in the BETA.”

“Throughout the course of the BETA, all 6 characters will be available. This means that players will be able try out all the characters that were present on the E3 build. To set expectations clearly, the BETA will roll out with four characters playable immediately, with Birdie and Cammy becoming playable on Saturday, July 25th. The reason for their delayed release is that in addition to testing out the net code, we’re also testing out our new content delivery system” For even more on this exciting news hit the link here

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Monster Halo News From E3 2014

Another Halo 5 teaser for guardians was shown. Still the identity of the alternate character wasn’t revealed, but we were treated to a pretty cool cinematic. No gameplay this time.

The rumors were true about the Halo Master Chief Collection. Oh yes, on Xbox One Featuring Halo 1,2,3 and 4. You can play the games in any order. Halo 2 anniversary can go between original and new graphics on the fly. Over 100 maps in total will be playable. Halo 2 multiplayer will go online 1080P 60FPS on dedicated servers. The same can all be said about the Halo 5 Beta. Its coming this holiday season. We have another trailer without actual footage, but we do know the beta is coming very soon.

How much will the game cost? This seems to be a lot of content for just 60 Dollars. Hopefully Microsoft is indeed providing all this for an affordable price.

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